The first fair multiplayer word game.

WordCrex is the first free fair word game with the unique fair game principle. Each turn players use the same set of seven letters to form words, so being lucky getting the right letters to play is not a factor anymore. Each player receives the points of the valid word they played. Only the word of the player with the highest score of the turn will be added on the game board. The player with the highest score at the end of the game wins. If you want to know everything about the game check our game rules page here.

It’s all about skills, knowledge, language and fun!


WordCrex the first fair multiplayer word game challenge.
  • Fair word game principle

    Players are challenged to form words with the same letters.
  • Multiplayer

    Up to four players can play a game of WordCrex.
  • 38 languages available

    WordCrex can be played in 38 languages including small languages like Fries, Catalan and Esperanto.
  • Customize colors

    Choose your favorite color for your WordCrex game board.
  • Free statistics

    A lot of useful and fun stats to rate your play.
  • Great game summary screen

    A game summary screen to keep track of your opponents words and points per turn.