The frequently asked questions about WordCrex.

What are the numbers behind the birds and strength?
The strength of a player is indicated with a number which is converted in a number of crexes (birds). The strength is measured with a algorithm that is based on the idea that you get more points for a victory if you win from somebody who is stronger then you then when somebody is weaker. The intervals are < 1200 = 1 Crex / 1200 - 1499 = 2 Crexes / 1500 - 1799 = 3 Crexes / 1800 - 2099 = 4 Crexes / 2100 > = 5 Crexes. Crex it on!

When I have the same points as my opponent why do I still loose the turn?
When two players get the same points in a turn the player who has played his word the fastest will win the turn. This is done so a decision can be made which word is placed on the game board. Even though the fastest player wins the turn and gets the cup, it has no distinctive influence on the overall score since both players get the same score.

Can I find the words of other players?
Yes, tap the score above the game board and you can see in this overview the words of all players.

Can I Block or remove a player?
Yes. When you have played a game against an opponent that player automatically will be added to your friends list. When you swipe that player (from the right to the left) you can remove or block that player. If you want to deblock a player go to the settings and press blocked players.

Can I delete my account?
Yes. Please send an email to with your request to delete your account and we will delete your account.

I don’t see an invitation or turn played in my screen?
To see the latest updates in any game you have to pulldown the central screen. Even if you are on the gameboard of the game sometimes you need to go back to the central screen. This is done so the server and game play stays as smooth as possible.

How must I sign up for WordCrex?
After you have downloaded WordCrex you can the sign up by filling in your own (made up) username, your (made up) password (twice) and your email address. After this you can sign in using your username and password. You can also log in with your Facebook account.

What must I do when forgot my username and or password?
On the sign, sign out section you can tap “forgot username” or “forgot password”. After tapping this you can enter your email address and an email with instructions will be sent to you.

I forgot my username and or password and I have entered my email address for instructions, but I did not receive an email with instructions?
Please check you spam folder it might have been sent to your spam.

I forgot my username and password. After entering my email i didn’t get an email with instructions, i also checked my spam and didn’t found an email with instructions.
Please send us an email to the following address

What are the game rules of WordCrex?
Check our game rules page.

Can I play in other languages?
You can play in more than forty languages. When you invite someone to play WordCrex you can choose from all the languages we provide.

Every time I want to invite someone to play a game I have to choose my main language again, can I change this?
Yes. On the central screen you’ll find the option – settings -. After tapping this icon you’ll see the option – Default language -. Here you can choose the language that will be the default language for every game you start. You can change this per game when you invite frineds for a new game.

How can I customize my game board?
By choosing the option – Customize game board color – after tapping the …- button on at the bottom of your game board you can choose your favorite color.

How can I get rid of the ads?
Go to settings and press remove ads.

I removed my ads and payed the amount but they are back again?
Probably you have more devices or maybe did an update. Your removal is easily made active again by going to the settings section of the app, choose remove ads and then choose restore in the popup. Now you will be taken to the app store again and your purchase will be reinstalled without costs. You only need to restart the app. Also maybe you have not given your device permission to buy in the app store. Go to settings > general > restrictions here you can check and uncheck restrictions. And also make sure that you haven’t used a different apple-id for each device. And just to be sure please check your account if the payment has really been handled well. You never know.

How can I Invite someone to play a game?
There are several possibilities to invite someone to play WordCrex.
– Go to the central screen and tap – + Create a new game – and follow the procedure to start a game with 2,3 or 4 opponents chosen from your friends list or with random opponenents matched to your strength.
– Tap “Create game” next to the name of a friend in your friends list.
– Tap – start a rematch – after you finished a game, this option is still available in your games listed under finished games on your central screen.

Can I play a game with more than one friend?
Yes, you can play up to four players per game.

If I think a word should be valid what can I do?
We take the best possible care making the WordCrex dictionaries as complete as possible. If you think a word should be added to a dictionary check the page dictionaries where you can suggest words to be added to our dictionaries.

Can I change my username, password or email address?
Yes. Tap “settings” on your central screen and choose the option “change account settings”.

Which devices support WordCrex?
WordCrex can be played on Apple and Android devices.

I think this is the greatest game ever. What should I do?
Nice to hear! Please invite as much new players to play WordCrex! Spread the word!