WordCrex the fair word game is built to be as easy to use as possible. For your convenience we have added this manual to be sure you take the full advantage of all the available options in the app.

The login screen
Sign in with your username and password or Facebook account. To create a WordCrex account simply tap the – create account – button and choose a username and password and fill in your email address.
If you forgot username and or password you can tap “Forgot password?” on the screen. Fill in your username or email and we will send you instructions. Check spam folder if the email is not appearing in your inbox.
To change your account settings go to the settings section and follow the procedure. If you still have problems signing in contact us at our email address support@wordcrex.com.

The central screen
Here you can create a new game, see the status of the games you are playing, manage your list of finished games and at the bottom you find the main navigation. You can delete invitations you have send and finished games by swiping that game. Finished games are automatically removed after one week.
Go directly to a game board by tapping an open game or accepting an invitation.
Use the main navigation bar buttons to navigate to games, friends, statistics, settings and info.

Create a new game
To create a new game tap the yellow – create a new game – button. You are prompted to the “Create a game” screen. Now choose your number of opponents, language you want to play in and turn time. Invite friends for this game by tapping the -Invite friends – button. Here you choose your opponents from among your WordCrex and Facebook friends and phone contact list. If a phone contact’s email is not yet a known WordCrex player you can invite him to install WordCrex. You can also find a player by using the search bar and search for username or email address. When you create a multiplayer game you can give your game a unique name, tap the – Finish – button on the top right and have fun!
Start a game with random opponents by tapping the – Random opponents – button. Random players are matched according to strength.

The game board
Place your letters on the game board to score points. After tapping the play button and confirming your turn is final (you can set the confirm play on/off in the settings section).
Use the shuffle button to mix the letters.
Pass your turn by tapping the pass (/) button. When a letter is placed the shuffle button turns into a clear (x) button to take back your letters to the tray.
When you tap the more button (…) you can customize your game board by choosing your favorite color and you can resign.
Start a chat with the chat button.
You can see a game summary by tapping the scoreboard on top of the screen.

The main navigation
At the bottom of the central screen you find the main navigation. Here you can navigate to the games, friends, statistics, settings and info sections.

Gives you direct access to your WordCrex friends. You can search, add, block (unblock them using the “Blocked users” screen available at the settings menu) and delete your friends.
Also you can invite friends for a new game.
Tap the name of your WordCrex friend with his or her strength (number of yellow Crexes, the Crex is a bird) below it to see your friends statistics.

You have a lot of free statistics like largest word and highest score to improve and compare. Wins, losses and draws are used to determine your strength indicated by the number of Crexes.

Here you can change your account details. Username, email, password and picture are available for change by typing new ones in the appearing boxes and select existing photos on your phone.
You can also set your default language, this will set every new game in the language chosen here, you can change this per game in the “Create a game” screen.
Confirm play switched on gives you a confirmation popup after every turn.
If you want to get rid of the ads tap the – Remove ads – button (payed service).
Tap the – blocked users – button to open the “Blocked users” screen that gives an overview of your blocked users. Unblock players by tapping the – unblock – button next to the name of the player.
Sign out with your current account by tapping the – Sign out – button.

Here you find the game rules, manual, some documents and other useful information about WordCrex the fair word game.

That’s it. Have fun and Crex it on!